About Schwindt & Company

Schwindt & Company is a full-service CPA firm located in Portland, Oregon specializing in providing tax, auditing, review, compilation and reserve study services. Currently serving clients in both Washington and Oregon, Schwindt & Company provides services to over 600 homeowner’s associations in the Pacific Northwest. In addition, our firm works with many small businesses and business owners, providing a wide range of industry-specific services.

Our team of highly qualified personnel keeps abreast of changes in tax and reporting to assure clients are well served. Their goal is to act as a resource to boards of directors and other decision makers.

Our Mission

Schwindt & Company is dedicated to providing a wide range of services without compromising our commitment to each client. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations for depth, accuracy, communication, and punctuality.

We believe that no client should ever be offered unnecessary services. This is why our team members always take the time to go over each individual client’s unique situation to determine the services that fit their needs and explain why they may not need certain others.

Always working to set the bar for the public accounting industry, we ensure that our clients receive exceptional and consistent service.