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Nothing is more important to the financial well-being of your organization than a complete reserve study and maintenance plan. To avoid unexpected costs, it is vital that these are prepared by properly qualified professionals. Our reserve study team currently works with over 500 homeowner's associations in the Pacific Northwest, providing on-site and off-site services.

While many firms will simply hand over your completed reserve study, our team will work with your board of directors to ensure they understand and feel comfortable with this vital budgeting tool.

Schwindt & Company offers three levels of reserve studies, as well as Maintenance Plans:

  • Level I – Full Reserve Study (Includes Site Visit)
    This level is best for associations getting their first reserve study done. This is also the level of service we recommend in situations where there is reason to doubt the accuracy of a previous reserve study.
  • Level II - Update, With Site-Visit/On-Site Review
    This service is designed for associations that have already had a reliable reserve study performed in the past. Our reserve specialists perform a site visit, and update the existing document.
  • Level III - Update, No-Site-Visit/Off-Site Review
    The Level 3 Reserve Study is designed for associations that have an accurate and recent study (usually from last year). Since there is no on-site review, it is critical that the previous component inventory and condition assessments are accurate.

Learn more about our Reserve Study Services

Check our Resources to find more financial assistance for your association, as well as our Articles covering reserve study issues. When you are ready to start the conversation with our reserve study team, Request a Quote, Contact Us or call (503) 227-1165.